Solar Installation Cape Town

Explore Beyond is located in Cape Town and is an all-in-one full-service solar installation Cape Town energy provider. Our qualified team takes care of every part of your project. From custom system design, sourcing, warehousing, engineering, installation and ongoing PV system maintenance and remote monitoring.

We empower Cape Town’s homes and businesses to run off the power of the sun. Our solar panel or  PV power systems to enable people to live virtually off the grid, have fantastic power security and turn sunshine into savings.



Our Mission Is To Provide Products That Ensure The Safety Of All Individuals On Public And Private Roadways.


The Solar Power Cost Is More Favourably Comparable To Conventional Power, And The More Attractive It Becomes To Utilities And Energy Users Around The Globe


A Typical Commercial Solar Pv System Could Save Over A Tonne And A Half Of Carbon Dioxide Per Year – That’s More Than 30 Tonnes Over Its Lifetime.